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Tapani Bagge has published over 120 books. Among them, there are 23 crime novels, a few other novels, six short story collections and numerous books for children and the young. He has also written plays for stage and radio, TV screenplays, graphic novels and comics scripts.

Bagge’s crime novels and stories are hard-boiled and noir, with plenty of black comedy. His closest counterparts are Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Donald Westlake, Elmore Leonard, Philip Kerr and Lawrence Block, with a bit of Jim Thompson, Georges Simenon and James Ellroy thrown in.

In the fall of 2016 Bagge started Elviira Noir, a new crime novel series about the police detectives of a small coastal town in Southern Finland. Inspector Sundman is leading a team of colorful individuals. In the first book, Pikku enkeli (Little Angel),  the team is investigating two murders at the same time: one of a high school girl found battered in the gutter and  the other of a young nightwatchman pushed down from the mezzanine of a local newspaper. Elviira Noir was an overnight success. The second book in the series, Pirunsaari (Devil’s Island) came out in August 2017. This time inspector Sundman and his team are again investigating two murders: one of the leader of an IT company on an old fortified island and another of a rich drunkard living in an old distillery in the middle of the town. An autumn storm leaves the island team isolated with their corpse and the suspects. The third book, Pitkä kosto (A Long Revenge) came out in November 2017 as audio book and e book, and the paper book came out in 2019.

At the moment there are nine Hämeenlinna Noir crime novels where Bagge depicts the cops and cons of his home town with dark irony and warm humour. The eight in the series is Pieni talvisota (A Little Winter War) that came out in 2015. The one before that, Havannan kuu (Havana Moon) was also produced as a stage play in Hämeenlinna Theatre. The ninth one, Vieras mies (Stranger) come out in 2018. Its heroine Ruusu Toivonen, a single mother from the countryside, continues her adventures in the second book Vieras maa (2020) that is situated on the southern island of New Zealand.

Bagge’s historical crime and counter-espionage series of Detective Sergeant Mujunen of the State Police started out in 2009 with Valkoinen hehku (White Heat), where several assassins are plotting a hit against Interior Minister Kekkonen in 1938. The second book in the series, Sininen aave (Blue Phantom), is situated  in 1940, just after The Winter War, and came out in 2011. You can get a sample of it here.

The third book in the series, Musta pyörre (Black Vortex), came out in 2012 and was situated in 1942, when we once again were at war against Russia, this time with Germany on our side. SS Chief Heinrich Himmler visits Finland, and of course, Mujunen is assigned as his bodyguard. The fourth and final book, Punainen varjo (Red Shadow), followed in 2013. It tells about ”the horrible times”, as our prime minister put it, right after the war, when we got the Soviet Control Commission in Helsinki. Mujunen investigates the murder of a Russian captain.

Mujunen is in his fifties and becomes a widower during the series. He tries to stay human in his work and not to beat the suspects. Often he’s foolhardy. Sometimes he makes mistakes and carries the consequences. It’s not easy to balance on the job where in the morning you’re supposed to  support Germany and in the evening Russia.  No wonder he hits the bottle once in a while.

The fifth book in the Mujunen series, Black and Blue Ride, will be published in the fall of 2020. It is situated in the years of 1930, 1932 and 1946.

There are also three books of the misadventures of hard luck lawyer Onni Syrjänen from Kerava, a small railroad town near Helsinki. Two short stories about him are available here.

Another short story by Bagge in English is Deep Sleep.

You can find Hard Rain, a short story by Bagge, in Helsinki Noir, edited by James Thompson.

Here’s a recent interview of Bagge by Bagge.

Here’s a recent German interview of Bagge by Sonja Hartl.

For the children Bagge writes adventure and other stories with warm and sometimes absurd humor. For the young and for young adults he has written crime novels, mysteries and science fiction, plus five humorous e-mail novels with Karo Hämäläinen.

Bagge has received several awards, among them the Clew of the Year Award of The Finnish Whodunnit Society in 2007 for his novel Musta taivas (Black Sky). Musta taivas was also the Finnish candidate for the Nordic Glass Key Award in 2008. You can find an English sample translation here. The translation is by Minna K. Haapio.

Musta taivas (Schwarzer Himmel) came out in German in February 2012 and rose immedeately to number 7 in the German Critics’ Top Ten List. Kummisedän hautajaiset (Das Begräbnis des Paten) followed in October, and Walter Delabar in wrote: ”Bagge is Aki Kaurismäki of the crime novels.”

Bagge’s children’s books and comics (his own, as well as his work for Moomin and Angry Birds) has been published in several languages all around the world: Chinese, Czech, Catalan, Irish, English, Polish, Russian, Estonian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, etc; with more soon to come.

Tapani Bagge is represented by Ferly  and himself. It depends on the book. If in doubt, ask Bagge.



Elvira Noir

Pikku enkeli 2016 (Little Angel)

Pirunsaari 2017 (Devil’s Island)

Pitkä kosto (A Long Revenge; 2017 as audio book and e book, the paper book 2019)

Väinö Mujunen

Valkoinen hehku 2009 (White Heat)

Sininen aave 2011 (Blue Phantom)

Musta pyörre 2012 (Black Vortex)

Punainen varjo 2013 (Red Shadow)

Sinimusta kyyti 2020 (Black and Blue Ride; coming out in August)

Onni Syrjänen

Kasvot tuulilasissa 2010 (The Face on the Windshield)

Kasvot katuojassa 2011 (The Face in the Gutter)

Kasvot hautakivessä 2019 (The Face on the Tombstone)

Hämeenlinna Noir

Puhaltaja 2002 (The Jack)

Paha kuu 2003 (Bad Moon)

Kohtalon tähti 2004 (Flaming Star)

Julma maa 2005 (Cruel Land)

Musta taivas 2006 (Black Sky)

Kummisedän hautajaiset 2008 (Godfather´s Funeral)

Havannan kuu 2014 (Havana Moon)

Pieni talvisota 2015 (A Little Winter War)

Vieras mies 2018 (Strange Man)

Other crime novels

Arvaamaton aarre. 1991 (An Unexpected Treasure)

Paha paikka. 2010 (Bad Spot; written with Harri István Mäki)

Oravanpyörä. 2010 (Rat Race; minibook)

Vieras maa. 2020 (Strange Land)

Other crime novel published as written by Pate Riikonen

Synnyimme lähtemään. 2006 (Born to Run; written with Harri István Mäki)


Pelastajat. 1998 (The Rescuers)

Alligaattori. 2017 (Alligator)

Maantien kutsu. Gabriel Sutkin muistelmat. 2019 (Call of the Road. The Memoirs of Highwayman Gabriel  Sutki)



Kasvot betonissa. 2007 (The Face in the Concrete)

Ammattimies. 2008 (Pro)

Hukkareissu. 2013 (Wild-Goose Chase)

Tappajatimantti. Kolme FinnWest-klassikkoa. 2015 (Killer Diamond. Three Classic FinnWest Stories)

Maan korvessa. 2016 (In the Wilderness)

Haudasta lomalla. 2017 (A Holiday from the Grave)

Miehet asialla. 2018 (Men at Work)

Marskin keppi ja muita tarinoita. 2019 (Marshall’s stick and other stories)

Anthologies (edited by)

Murhan sävel. 2006 (The Melody of Murder)

Etsijät. 2011 (The Searchers)

Tykki. 2011 (The Gun)

Taksi. 2012 (Taxi)

Keikka. 2013 (Caper)


Vaaran viehätys. Valitut kirjoitukset 1987-2015. 2015 (The Allure of Danger. Selected Writings 1987-2015)

Se murhaa joka osaa. Dekkarin tekemisen taito. 2016 (The Art of Murder. How to Write Crime Fiction)

Rikoksen poluilla – ja muillakin. Valittuja kirjoituksia 1994-2019. (On the Paths of Crime – and on Others, too. Selected Writings 1997-2019)


Kovanen. 2006 (Kovanen; artist Jari Rasi)

Kovanen ja Chicagon ruutituulet. 2007 (Kovanen and the Chicago Piano; artist Jari Rasi)

Kekkonen vasta-alkaville ja edistyville. 2007 (Kekkonen for the Beginners and the Advancing; artist Samson)

Harmaa susi. 2013 (The Grey Wolf; artist Aapo Kukko)


Korhonen ja kadonnut faija. 1993 (Korhonen and the Missing Dad)

Korhonen ja kuoleman haju. 1995 (Korhonen and the Smell of Death)

Suden hetki. 1999 (Wolf Time)

Otto ja Plejadien lähettiläs. 2000 (Otto and the Ambassador of the Pleiades)

Otto ja Dracon siepparit. 2001 (Otto and the Kidnappers from Draco)

Pikkuveli. 2001 (Lil’ Bro)

Julma kuukausi (written with Karo Hämäläinen). 2002 (Cruel Month)

Tuhlaajafaija. 2003. (Prodigal Dad)

Marrasblues (written with Karo Hämäläinen). 2003 (November Blues)

Helmi kuukausi (written with Karo Hämäläinen). 2004 (Cool Month)

Juhannusblues (written with Karo Hämäläinen). 2005 (Midsummer Blues)

Otto ja Hydran surfaajat. 2005 (Otto and the Surfers from Hydra)

Karu kuukausi (written with Karo Hämäläimen). 2007 (Rough Month)

Päättömän munkin arvoitus. Etsivätoimisto Musta koira. 2008 (The Mystery of the Headless Monk. The Black Dog Detective Agency)

Liekehtivän liskon arvoitus. Etsivätoimisto Musta koira. 2009 (The Mystery of the Flaming Lizard. The Black Dog Detective Agency)

Kirkuvan kallon arvoitus. Etsivätoimisto Musta koira. 2010 (The Mystery of the Screaming Skull. The Black Dog Detective Agency)

Konstaapeli Mutanen ja kadonneen kirjaston arvoitus 2011 (Constable Mutanen and the Mystery of the Missing Library; ill. by Pasi Pitkänen)

Aavehevosen arvoitus. Apassit 1. 2018 (The Mystery of the Ghost Horse. The Apaches 1; ill. by Carlos da Cruz)

Polttava rakkaus. 2018 (Burning Love)

Vanajaveden arvoitus. Apassit 2. 2018 (The Monster of Vanaja Lake. The Apaches 2; ill. by Carlos da Cruz)

Katoava muumio. Apassit 3. 2019 (The Disappearing Mummy. The Apaches 3; ill. by Carlos da Cruz)

Rautamiehen arvoitus. Apassit 4. 2020 (The Mystery of Iron Man. The Apaches 4; ill. by Carlos da Cruz)


Tuomon hirmuhirviö. 1994 (Tuomo’s Terrible Monster; ill. by Martti Ruokonen)

Aleksin merirosvokesä. 1995 (Aleksi’s Pirate Summer; ill. by Niko Taina)

Aleksin intiaanisyksy. 1996 (Aleksi’s Indian Fall; ill. by Niko Taina)

Aleksin avaruustalvi. 1997 (Aleksi’s Space Winter)

Urho ja viidakon villipeto. 2001 (Urho and the Wild Beast of the Jungle; ill. by Markus Majaluoma)

Pihalla. 2002 (In the Yard; ill. by Katja Tukiainen)

Urho ja hirmuliskojen kuningas. 2002 (Urho and the King of the Dinosaurs; ill. by Markus Majaluoma)

Ulkona. 2004 (Outdoors; ill. by Katja Tukiainen)

Yöllä. 2006 (At Night; ill. by Katja Tukiainen)

Urho ja suuri junaryöstö. 2004 (Urho and the Great Train Robbery; ill. by Markus Majaluoma)

Kylässä. 2005 (On a Visit; ill. by Katja Tukiainen)

Urho ja asemapäällikön aave. 2006 (Urho and the Ghost of the Station Master; ill. by Markus Majaluoma)

Kaupungilla. 2007 (In Town; ill. by Katja Tukiainen)

Muumit maalla ja merellä. 2007 (Moomins on the Land and at the Sea; ill. by Tuomas Mäkelä)

Sami Hurtta suursyömärin jäljillä. 2008 (Sam Hound on the Trail of the Glutton; ill. by Jari Rasi)

Urho ja kammottava lumimies 2009 (Urho and the Abominable Snowman; ill. by Markus Majaluoma)

Tahvo ja Bella pyörremyrskyssä 2009 (Bud and Bella in a Whirlwind; ill. by Salla Savolainen)

Maalla. 2010 (In the Country; ill. by Hannamari Ruohonen)

Tahvo ja Bella hernerokkasumussa. 2010 (Bud and Bella in a Peasouper; ill. by Salla Savolainen)

Muumilaakson aarteet. 2010 (The Treasures of Moomin Valley; ill. by Jukka Murtosaari)

Viesti Nuuskamuikkuselta. 2010 (A Message from Snufkin; ill. by Tuomas Mäkelä)

Muumipeikko ja opaalikoru. 2010 (Moomin and the Opal Necklace; ill. by Tuomas Mäkelä)

Vesipeto Surku. 2010 (The Swimming Champ; ill. by Tuomas Mäkelä)

Syysvieras. 2010 (September Guest; ill. by Tuomas Mäkelä)

Konstaapeli Mutanen ja kanien arvoitus. 2011 (Constable Mutanen and the Mystery of the Rabbits; ill. by Jusa Hämäläinen)

Maailmalla. 2011 (Out in the World; ill. by Hannamari Ruohonen)

Urho ja sininen sukellustalo. 2011 (Urho and the Blue Subhouse)

Urho ja Aaveiden meri. 2012 (Urho and the Sea of Ghosts)

Konstaapeli Mutanen ja loma-arvoitus. 2012 (Constable Mutanen and the Holiday Mystery; written with Marikki Bagge, ill. by Jusa Hämäläinen)

Tahvo ja Bella lumimyrskyssä. 2012 (Bud and Bella in a Snowstorm; ill. by Salla Savolainen)

Kiljusten uusi herrasväki. 2012 (The New Family Kiljunen; ill. by Mika Launis)

Angry Birds: Vihreän linnun arvoitus. 2013 (The Mystery of the Green Bird; ill. by Jari Rasi)

Kotona. 2013 (At Home; ill. by Hannamari Ruohonen)

Urhea pikku auto. 2013 (Brave Little Car; ill. by Jusa Hämäläinen)

Kiljusen uusi herrasväki 2: Kaupunkielämää. 2013 (The New Family Kiljunen 2: City Life; ill. by Mika Launis)

Angry Birds: Kadonneen aarteen arvoitus. 2014 (The Mystery of the Lost Treasure; ill. by Jari Rasi)

Pikku auto ja jättikaivuri. 2014 (Little Car And The Giant Digger; ill. by Jusa Hämäläinen)

Kaisa. 2014 (Kaisa; ill. by Hannamari Ruohonen)

Kiljusen uusi herrasväki 3: Kiljuset merihädässä. 2014 (The New Family Kiljunen 3: Saps at Sea; ill. by Mika Launis)

Angry birds: Mystery of the King’s Mines. 2014 (ill. by Jean Michel Boesch)

Rannalla. 2015 (On the Beach; ill. by Hannamari Ruohonen)

Hämeenlinnan Janne. Kuinka Jannesta tuli Jean Sibelius. 2015 (Janne of Hämeenlinna. How Janne became Jean Sibelius; ill. by Salla Savolainen)

Pikku auton bändi. 2016 (The Little Car’s Band; ill. by Jusa Hämäläinen)

Ryhmä Z ja lohikäärmeen kita. 2016 (Group Z and the Jaws of a Dragon; ill. by Carlos da Cruz)

Talvella. 2017 (In the Winter; ill. by Hannamari Ruohonen)

Jenni ja punainen poni. 2019 (Jenni and the Red Pony;  ill. by Hannamari Ruohonen)

Pohjoisen pikavuoron arvoitus. Ukulele-etsivä Nana 1. 2019 (The Mystery of the Northern Express. Ukulele Detective Nana 1; ill. by Jusa Hämäläinen)

Kultaisen ukulelen arvoitus. Ukulele-etsivä Nana 2. 2020 (The Mystery of the Golden Ukulele. Ukulele Detective Nana 2; ill. by Jusa Hämäläinen)

Polkupyörävarkaat. Elsan etsivätoimisto 1. 2020 (The Bicycle Thieves. Elsa’s Detective Agency 1; ill. by Silja-Maria Wihersaari)

Keksintöjen maailma. Kuinka nykyaika syntyi? 2020 (The World of Inventions. How Modern Times Were Born? Ill. by Carlos da Cruz)


about 350 pages for Moomin magazine and books, 2000-2010. Art by Jari Rasi.


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